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Sony absolutely obliterated the competition in September, with the PlayStation 4 controlling 62.8 per cent of the UK’s physical software share. This means that it comfortably outsold any packaged games sold on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC – combined. Its share increased from 40.4 per cent in August due to the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, but this is still quite a staggering result.

It’s a reminder that, in the UK at least, the PS4 is still very much the king – almost embarrassingly so. And you get the feeling that there’s life in this ageing dog yet, as the software sales are extremely strong, the hardware continues to perform well, and subscription numbers are holding sturdy. It makes the chatter of PlayStation 5 seem a bit premature – there’s still a significant price drop left in the PS4 yet.

[source mcvuk.com]