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We rarely get sales data specifically for PlayStation VR, so this tidbit courtesy of the NPD Group is interesting for the handful of you that care. It shows the top five best-selling titles in the United States which require Sony’s headset, meaning the likes of Resident Evil 7 are excluded. The games are ranked based on dollar sales with physical and digital data included.

In at number one is Farpoint, which makes a lot of sense given that it shipped alongside the PSVR Aim Controller. It’s joined in second by launch title PlayStation VR Worlds, with Batman: Arkham VR in third. Then fourth place sees The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR crash the party, with DriveClub VR surprisingly racing into fifth place.

There’s no word on how these games are actually performing compared to their non-virtual reality counterparts, but we hope they’re doing okay. It’s still relatively early days for PlayStation VR in the grand scheme of things, but with titles like Astro Bot Rescue Mission releasing, there’s reason to be optimistic about the health of the format moving forwards.