Bandai Namco appears to be heading in the right direction with Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. It's been looking great in trailers, and we rather liked it when we went hands on at EGX. Everyone is hopeful for a return to form, and while it's looking promising, the developer hasn't been afraid to throw in some more recent features too.

The latest trailer touches on how customisable the planes are in this latest entry, with options similar to those found in the free-to-play PS3 game Ace Combat: Infinity. The aircraft tree seems to be your means of unlocking new vehicles, as well as weaponry. You can also deck your plane out with different armaments and alternative parts to enhance its stats. Of course, you then have skins and emblems you can apply so you can look good while blowing bogeys out of the sky.

Do you like the look of Ace Combat 7's customisation options? Show off your crazy paint job in the comments below.

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