Monster Hunter: World PS4 PlayStation 4

Production is underway on the movie adaptation of Capcom's ever popular Monster Hunter series. In the wake of Monster Hunter: World - not only the best selling in the series, but the publisher's best selling game ever - things appear to be going well on the film side, with Resident Evil director Paul W. S. Anderson calling the shots. However, a photo from the set is making us question the direction of the movie:

Monster Hunter Movie Photo PS4 PlayStation 4

This is Sergeant Marshall, and he's a soldier, and he's carrying an automatic rifle. He'll apparently travel through some sort of mystical portal into the Monster Hunter world, where he and another hero will work together to take down, er, monsters. We don't know why the film has to include modern weaponry when the games are famed for their awesomely elaborate and oversized swords, hammers, and axes. Hollywood, right?

The movie is still a while away, so you never know -- it might turn out to be something decent. It just seems a little out of place to feature characters like the guy above. We'll see.