Stefanie Joosten PS4 PlayStation 4 1
Image: Stefanie Joosten

Hideo Kojima is having a blast casting all of his mates for Death Stranding, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see Stefanie Joosten pop up in the latest trailer. We’ve got to be honest, this completely passed us by, but online sleuths appear to have uncovered the truth. You may recall protagonist Sam carrying a mysterious woman on his back in Troy Baker's introductory video – apparently it’s the Quiet actress.

While the lady’s mostly obscured by a hood, the face profile matches up perfectly with the Metal Gear Solid star. The model also has a Dutch flag beneath her chin, which could be considered a hint. Perhaps the biggest indication that it is the actress, however, is that Joosten’s agent responded to a YongYea tweet identifying her with a thumbs up and a smiley face. It’s definitely her, eh?

Stefanie Joosten PS4 PlayStation 4

It’ll be interesting to see whether she turns out to be an important character, or if she’s just making a cameo because she’s good friends with Kojima and his crew. She certainly hasn’t been officially confirmed for the release yet, so either the developer has a bigger announcement planned for her character, or this is just an Easter egg. Hey, the latter’s not so crazy when you’ve got a blank cheque.

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