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Insomniac Games seems to be pre-empting some kind of backlash to its first DLC pack for Marvel’s Spider-Man, as when asked to describe the scope of the expansion, creative director Bryan Intihar pondered whether people will ever be satisfied with how much content is included. To be fair, gamers can be a demanding lot, and no matter how much time and effort the Burbank developer has invested into The Heist, the studio probably knows that it’s ultimately going to be judged by how many hours it adds to the core experience.

“Our job is to deliver something of a very high quality that matches what we did in [the main game],” he told Game Informer. “So our focus was to deliver something with a great story that furthers the experience of what you started with [and] adds more activities in the world.”

It sounds like the Black Cat centred story will include "more than four story missions", but there’ll also be new side activities for you to complete within the open world itself. In addition, the company’s incorporating additional suits, as well as some new Photo Mode content which it reckons is pretty “funny”. Our concern is that it winds up being similar to the Tombstone quest line in the main game, which you could beat in about 20 minutes – but Intihar concluded that he’s really pleased with the final product, so we’ll see.