red dead redemption 2 how to gain or lose honor guide 1

How do you gain or lose honor in Red Dead Redemption 2? Much like in the first Red Dead Redemption, main character Arthur can be more of a good guy or more of a bad guy depending on how you play. Do generally nicer things, like saving people from being robbed, to increase your honor. Do generally bad things, like robbing people yourself, to decrease your honor.

Having either very high honor or very low honor impacts the game in different ways. High honor, for example, can grant you discounts in stores when buying items. Meanwhile, having low honor makes it easier to intimidate people when demanding money at gunpoint. Even the game's soundtrack can change based on how good or bad Arthur is.

How to gain or lose honor in Red Dead Redemption 2

To either gain honor or lose honor in Red Dead Redemption 2, you need to perform specific actions. We've listed these actions below.

How to gain honor

  • Help people - If you see strangers out in the wilderness being harassed, help them out. If they're being attacked by bandits, or even wildlife, kill their enemies and you'll gain a chunk of honor. You may also come across strangers who require medical attention, or need a ride to a nearby town. Help them to gain a good amount of honor.
  • Spare lives when given the choice - Choose not to kill people at certain points in the game and you'll gain a lot of honor.
  • Release fish - When fishing, release a caught fish back into the water instead of pocketing it to gain a small amount of honor.
  • Carry out chores at camp - Chores, marked as black dots on your map in camp, give you a bit of honor upon completion.
  • Donate to camp - Donate funds or provisions at camp and you'll gain honor.

How to lose honor

  • Rob people - If a stranger asks you for help out in the wilderness, or if they're being attacked, rob them instead of helping. You'll lose a chunk of honor.
  • Kill when given the choice - Choose to kill people at certain points of the game instead of sparing them, and you'll lose a lot of honor.
  • Loot bodies - Loot dead bodies and you'll lose a little honor.
  • Steal items - Take items from the homes of innocents and you'll lose some honor.