Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4 Game Informer November

Game Informer has been producing huge previews on some of the biggest and best games on the horizon, and its latest headline feature focuses on Media Molecule's Dreams. This follows God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, and Days Gone as another PS4 exclusive to get the cover story treatment this year, and as with those games, we can expect a whole host of new information.

For many, Dreams is something of an enigma. It's been hovering in the background for years as the developer adds to the insanely versatile toolset, and as a result, it's at risk of earning the vapourware label. However, Media Molecule has promised a beta test for this year, which would suggest a 2019 release, but even the sampler feels like it's been pushed back numerous times. Hopefully, Game Informer's incoming story can shed some light on the ambitious project.

There are snippets of new gameplay in the above video, suggesting we'll see some fresh footage of the create-em-up in addition to some new information. As for what will be shown, we don't know yet, but we'll relay anything noteworthy as it comes out.

Are you looking forward to Game Informer's coverage of Dreams? Use your imagination in the comments below.

Update: See the magazine cover? It was made in Dreams.

[source gameinformer.com, via twitter.com]