In case you weren't aware, Game Informer has been providing a ton of coverage for Media Molecule's outrageously ambitious new title, Dreams. The make-anything creation game is a bafflingly powerful thing that we can't wait to see in the hands of the community, and the recent new information continues to impress. The publication has also just uploaded a new video interview with the studio head Siobhan Reddy and creative director Mark Healey where they delve into some questions from fans.

A lot of the questions pertain to quite specific gameplay stuff, and as always, the answer to most of these is "Yes." The developer confirmed that you'll be able to make procedurally generated games, support save progress between your levels, and animate in minute detail. It's worth listening to the full interview, as there are some fascinating tidbits for those looking forward to the game.

We're still no closer to knowing when the beta test is likely to show up, although Media Molecule is sticking to its guns, saying it's still on track to arrive in 2018. With only a couple of months left, we should be able to get our hands on this title soon.