We’ve got a bone to pick with the PlayStation 4 version of Dream Daddy: where’s the exclusive Kratos add-on pack? Game Grumps, the creators of last year’s PC-based dating sensation, could have at least given us Joel from The Last of Us – heck, we’d have settled for Days Gone’s Deacon St John, but with a name like that only if we were really desperate.

Alas, the Dadrector’s Cut – there’s an “uncut” pun in here which is too lewd for even us – will add new side-quests and minigames. And for those of you who have somehow never heard of it, this is a dating game where you, y’know, try to bag a big beefcake Dad. Because who doesn’t want a bear in the bedroom? No, we don’t mean a real one, we mean…

The game's due out on 30th October.

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