Dragon Quest 11 Echoes of an Elusive Age PS4 PlayStation 4 1

There was concern about Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, as the anticipated JRPG didn’t exactly release at an ideal time. Launching just three days prior to PlayStation 4 juggernaut Marvel’s Spider-Man with next to no marketing at all, fans expected the worst for the latest entry in Square Enix’s iconic franchise.

As it turns out, the title did absolutely fine in the United States, debuting in 11th position on the latest NPD software charts. Even better, analyst Mat Piscatella revealed on Twitter that it set a franchise record, with “dollar sales more than double the previous best, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels”.

It’s perhaps worth remembering that the aforementioned Nintendo DS title cost $35 at launch, while the new game currently retails for $60, skewing the numbers slightly. Dragon Quest XI is also available on the PlayStation 4 and PC, as opposed to a single platform. Nevertheless, it’s good news for the series, which appears to have triumphed despite having the odds stacked against it.

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