Fallout 76 DualShock 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

It's fairly common these days to see some pretty excellent fan-made custom controllers. The Facebook page Shed of Dreams is responsible for some of the best around, including this one for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The DualShock 4 modder, Vulpe Andrei, has returned with his latest creation: a Fallout 76 themed pad that looks ready to take on the nuclear wasteland.

The custom controller boasts a rustic look that isn't dissimilar to the series' famous power armour. It features the Vault-Tec logo on the light bar, and has lots of other small details like a valve on the back and pipes across the top that make this another standout effort.

Would you like to play Fallout 76 with a controller like this? Look at your vanilla DualShock 4 with disappointment in the comments below.

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