If you were watching the NFL last night, you may have seen this curious Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 commercial debut. The video, which features Post Malone, is basically just… Well, we don’t know what it is to be perfectly honest with you. We think it’s parodying the song Rockstar, but it looks like it’s been made by PewDiePie or something, doesn’t it?

Frankly, we were flabbergasted when we first saw this, but fortunately Push Square’s resident popular culture expert Stephen Tailby explained all: “They’re going after Fortnite, innit!” he said assuredly on Slack this morning. “It’s all memes and sh*t. They want the kids playing the Battle Royale mode.” Quite – we suppose being mature rated means nothing.

Seriously, though, what is with this Call of Duty game? It’s such a bizarre package – a literal mish-mash of modes with no consistency or continuity whatsoever. It’s just such a strange proposition, and while we’d never doubt Activision’s ability to sell software, this commercial just strikes us as a company completely devoid of ideas. Watch it go on to break sales records now.

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