Tekken 7 Key Art

Good lord, the Tekken 7 Season 2 patch notes are insanely lengthy. Alongside the release of Lei Wulong and Anna Williams as the season's first two DLC characters on the 6th September, an update will roll out which brings a crazy number of gameplay changes to the table.

The new wall bounce mechanic will be added to the game, "easy-combos" will be usable outside of story mode, menus will be improved, and the online ranking system will have a visual indicator of how close you are to each rank.

But things get really interesting when it comes to balance changes. Every character in the game has been tweaked in some way, with hundreds of moves having their properties changed. There are buffs, nerfs, and brand new attacks to consider. After a quick scan of the notes, we reckon there's no doubt that this is going to be huge for the competitive Tekken scene. You can find them all through here, on the official site.

Are you liking the look of Season 2? Are you happy with the changes to your main character? Hit up practice mode in the comments section below.

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