Tekken 7 Lei 2

It's a big day for Tekken 7 players, because update 2.0 is finally here. With this patch, Bandai Namco's fighter enters Season 2. The new wall bounce mechanic has been added, alongside expanded easy combos and an assist system. Improvements have also been made to online rankings, and the game's menus have been overhauled. The update weighs in at 1.5GB on Sony's system.

Of course, the patch also brings a lot of balance adjustments to the table, with every character in the game being tweaked in some way. Hundreds of moves have been buffed, nerfed, and introduced.

Additional characters Anna Williams and Lei Wulong are also available to purchase now on the PlayStation Store, either individually or as part of the title's second season pass.

Will you be jumping back into Tekken 7 with Season 2? keep up those wall combos in the comments section below.