The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan PS4 PlayStation 4

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a really intriguing project. Supermassive Games, the developer of spooky PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, will be producing smaller standalone games periodically, the first of which is the promising Man of Medan. In a new interview with VG24/7, the head of the studio Pete Samuels discussed what the team's plans for the anthology are as it moves forward.

When asked whether it's planning to go nuts in terms of the range of horror experiences the anthology will offer, Samuels said the studio has a lot of ideas. "Yeah, we’re thinking completely nuts, to be honest," Samuels says. "We’ve identified 39 sub-genres of horror that we believe we could have a go at. That ranges from backwoods redneck to creepy kids to paranormal to werewolves, vampires, mythical monsters, psychological – there’s a whole range of this stuff."

He even entertains the idea of merging sub-genres together to create some original experiences. "We’ve looked at them and we’ve even done some small experiments in the studio – like, what happens if we put that with that? You can get really unique stories from that! If you think of all pairs, all combinations of two from those 39 sub-genres… we’ve got enough material, I think, for about 800 years. That’s not a commitment, by the way!"

From the interview, it sounds like Supermassive is very excited about its new project, and from Samuels' comments, we should be too. The Dark Pictures Anthology seems as though it'll provide a diverse spectrum of short horror titles, and as a collective, that sounds like an enticing offer. Check out the full interview through here.

Are you excited for The Dark Pictures Anthology? What sub-genre of horror do you want to see Supermassive tackle next? Look out behind you in the comments below.