Playstation Network

Sony has released its plans for Tokyo Game Show 2018, which is happening over the coming weekend. Alongside a huge list of PlayStation 4 games that it's bringing to the event, the company is also hosting a stage show over the course of several days. It'll be livestreamed on YouTube, and it'll feature more in-depth looks at certain titles.

The stage show schedule includes games like Death Stranding, the recently revealed Judge Eyes, and even Dreams, but what really caught our eye is a scheduled listing for an hour-long "PlayStation Network" presentation on the 20th September.

Here's the full description via Gematsu:

12:40 to 13:40 JST – PlayStation Network – A girls talk featuring guests Shiina Natsukawa and Asaka with Hatsune Matsushima. The theme is “Our PlayStation Network Life.” At the end, Asaka will perform a PlayStation Video Anime Special Medley Concert. Featuring MC Hatsune Matsushima, and guests Shiina Natsukawa and Asaka.

Now, it's totally possible (and, to be fair, likely) that this is nothing worth getting excited over (unless you're a huge fan of the girls), but it's an interesting listing all the same. The knee-jerk reaction is that it could be Sony's way of showcasing new features coming to the PlayStation Network -- firmware 6.0 didn't appear to actually do anything, after all -- but again, it's best not to expect too much.

Of course, if it does turn out to be something worthwhile, you can be sure that we'll have all the details here on Push Square over the weekend.