Skrillex Kingdom Hearts 3

Here’s a headline we didn’t expect to write today: eight-time Grammy Award winner Skrillex is composing the theme song for Kingdom Hearts III alongside singer songwriter Hikaru Utada. If you are one of those nerd types who pretends to know nothing about popular culture, here’s an example of a Skrillex song:

The theme song will be named ‘Face My Fears’, and has had input from record producer Poo Bear, who’s worked with Justin Bieber in the past. To be fair, whether or not these artists are your particular cup of coffee, there’s some top talent here – but that’s standard for Square Enix, who got Florence and the Machine involved for Final Fantasy XV.

In other, unrelated news, the Japanese publisher has announced an all-star voice cast for the sequel, with many Hollywood stars reprising their roles from Frozen, Tangled, et al. Kristen Bell will once again play Anna, while John Ratzenberger will return as Hamm. Elsewhere, the ageing Haley Joel Osment will return to play protagonist Sora.