Soulcalibur Vi Inferno

Inferno, a boss character from previous SoulCalibur titles, looks to be returning in SoulCalibur VI as a playable fighter. There are numerous reports that claim Inferno appeared in the game's latest build, which was on display at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Supposedly, Inferno is unlocked by progressing through the Soul Chronicle story mode. Players noticed a pop-up notification that told them Inferno was "unlocked" once they reached a certain point, and apparently he's a mimic-style fighter. In other words, he takes on a random character's moveset each round. There are a few blurry images going around, too.

Another SoulCalibur VI character leaked, then? The game's out in just under a month, so we imagine that there won't be too many more reveals lined up ahead of the big day.