We hope that you like survival mechanics, because it sounds like Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of them. New previews reveal that as main character Arthur Morgan, you'll need to eat, drink, sleep, and even bathe to maintain both a healthy body and healthy relationships with other characters.

Apparently, Arthur's hair and beard grow in real-time, so you'll need to shave. Eat too much and he'll become overweight, or run around a lot and he'll gain more stamina. Moving on from Arthur himself, his horse can die permanently, meaning that you'll have to go buy another one if things don't go as planned and your steed is chomped by a crocodile. You'll have to feed and care for your beast, too.

On top of all that, there's weapon degradation. Guns break and get dirty over time, so you'll need to maintain them. It sounds like Rockstar is going all-in on realism, which is, perhaps a little worrying, especially if you were betting on this just being a non-stop Western in video game form. Still, the previews all say that it's shaping up brilliantly, so maybe this stuff's not as bad as it may initially appear.

It's worth noting that reportedly, not eating and sleeping won't kill Arthur -- it'll just mean that his health and stamina don't regenerate as quickly. Likewise, not taking care of your weapons just decreases their stats -- it doesn't sound like they flat-out break or become useless.

What do you make of all this stuff? Remember to grab a bit to eat and rest in the comments section below.