Spider Man Ps4 Poll

Marvel's Spider-Man has been out on PlayStation 4 for a whole week now, hopefully giving most of you reading this ample time to play through it and form a concrete opinion on whether it's any good. We absolutely loved it, as shown by our gushing review, but do you agree with us?

Spidey's open world outing currently sits at a score of 87 over on Metacritic, and that's based on an impressive total of 100 critic reviews. Safe to say that the media loves it, but as always, we want to know what you lot think. Has Spider-Man lived up to expectations? Is it a Game of the Year contender? Or is it overrated? Good but not great? Whatever your opinion, vote in our polls and then feed us some detailed thoughts in the comments section below.

Have you bought Spider-Man? (328 votes)

  1. Yes, I was there day one58%
  2. Yep, I bought it just after launch10%
  3. Nope, but I plan on buying it at some point25%
  4. No, I ain't buying it7%

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Have you completed Marvel's Spider-Man? (323 votes)

  1. Yes, I've got 100% completion12%
  2. Yeah, but just the main story5%
  3. Not yet, but I'm getting there30%
  4. Nope, not even close20%
  5. I haven't even started it yet7%
  6. I didn't buy it25%

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How good is Marvel's Spider-Man? (316 votes)

  1. Amazing, it's a Game of the Year contender41%
  2. Not amazing, but it's still very, very good22%
  3. It's decent, not quite as good as reviews made out7%
  4. Meh, it's average  0%
  5. It's disappointing, I expected much, much more1%
  6. I think it's rubbish1%
  7. I haven't played it29%

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What score would you give Marvel's Spider-Man? (315 votes)

  1. 10 - Outstanding17%
  2. 9 - Excellent36%
  3. 8 - Great16%
  4. 7 - Good3%
  5. 6 - Not Bad1%
  6. 5 - Average  0%
  7. 4 - Poor  0%
  8. 3 - Bad  0%
  9. 2 - Terrible  0%
  10. 1 - Abysmal1%
  11. N/A - I haven't played enough / haven't played it27%

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