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As noted by our best buddies over at Nintendo Life, numerous mainstream gaming websites have now dropped review scores entirely, either opting for a word-based system or doing away with them completely.

Review scores are a topic well worth discussing from time to time, and obviously, it's a very relevant talking point for us here at Push Square. This website has never been without review scores, but are times changing? That's why we're bringing you this poll today.

Our belief has always been that if review scores help you, our audience, decide on whether to purchase a game, then they can only be a good thing. After all, the whole point of us writing reviews is to inform you -- we're not here to push an agenda or show off our fancy writing. It really is all about you.

But there are downsides to having review scores that are difficult to ignore. Despite pointing out our scoring policy countless times over the years (yes, a 6/10 is actually okay! A 7/10 is good!) we'll still be questioned for dishing out "bad" scores to "good" games. People tend to skip to the end of reviews just to eye the score, and sometimes, that's not ideal.

Now, the sudden appearance of this poll does not mean that we're actively thinking about removing scores from our reviews. As is always the case with our polls, we just want to know where the community stands. Do you like review scores, or are you against them? Vote in our poll, and then give us your full, honest opinion in the comments section below.

Are you in favour of review scores? (344 votes)

  1. Yes67%
  2. No19%
  3. I'm honestly not sure6%
  4. I don't care either way7%

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