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There are no plans for cross-play in Fallout 76, despite Bethesda Game Studios boss Todd Howard blaming Sony for holding it back. The Japanese giant announced a new stance today, starting with a Fortnite beta which will allow PlayStation 4 owners to play with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players. It indicated that this is a major policy change, and more titles will follow in time.

However, according to Bethesda’s communications bigwig Pete Hines, there are no plans for the functionality to be added to Fallout 76 – at least not anytime soon. “Fallout 76 does not support cross-play, for a number of reasons,” he said. “I have no idea if it ever will. But I assure you it is not on our radar right now as we focus on B.E.T.A. and launch.”

While it’s understandable that the publisher is focusing on launch, it does make prior comments made by Howard look a little awkward in hindsight. He said that the firm would “really love” to do cross-play in Fallout 76 but “can’t right now”. He then placed the blame firmly at PlayStation’s feet: “Sony is not as helpful as everyone would like.”

To be fair, the console manufacturer has only just changed its stance today, and even then it’s still testing how things will work – it would be ludicrous to expect Bethesda to pivot so quickly. It’s interesting that now the door is ajar, however, outspoken organisations don’t appear to be rushing through it. Let’s wait and see how this develops over time.

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