Prepare for some teen angst and indie tunes: Life Is Strange 2 is just around the corner. Square Enix has released a final trailer for the game ahead of the release of the first episode, which is due out on 26th September 2018.

In case you've not been keeping up, this sequel moves away from the time-shifting antics of Max and Chloe, and instead focuses on two new characters -- brothers Sean and Daniel. After a mysterious incident in their home town, the pair flee, and end up on the run, heading for the Mexican border. There's going to be some supernatural element as well, but quite what that is, we're not entirely sure yet.

It's looking pretty good, anyway, and we're definitely interested to see if DONTNOD can recapture that Life Is Strange magic. Are you excited for Life Is Strange 2? Wheel out that acoustic guitar in the comments below.