It may be an eye-watering two years away, but Sukeban has announced the next instalment in the outstanding Cyberpunk Bartender Series. Expanding on the Snatcher-style presentation of the PS Vita’s brilliant visual novel VA11 HALL-A, this new edition will whisk you away to an upscale bar named N1RV Ann-A, which is part of an idyllic tourist location named Saint Alicia.

Of course, all is not as it seems, as you’ll learn while lubricating locals and holidaymakers with colourful cocktails. “The artificial island hides a seedy underbelly,” reads the blurb. “Its dystopian economy touches all aspects of life as bar patrons contend with mafia extortion, human trafficking and other sordid crimes.”

You’ll play as a bartender named Sam, who’s struggling to care for her 8-year-old son while trying maintain a relationship with her Yakuza partner, Leon. “Is their relationship dead in the waters of the caribbean sea? Or will love prevail in the unnatural city?” We’ll have to wait until 2020 to find out, but we can’t wait.