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Marvel's Spider-Man is swinging onto PS4 this September, so we've created this comprehensive FAQ, containing answers to all your burning questions about Insomniac's PS4 exclusive. This is one of 2018's most hotly anticipated titles, but not everything has been made totally clear. Read on for all the information on Spidey's latest adventure.

When does Spider-Man PS4 release?

Marvel's Spider-Man is coming exclusively to PS4 on 7th September 2018. This is a global release date -- the game comes out on the same day, no matter where you are.

Are there any pre-order bonuses for Spider-Man PS4?

As you might expect, Marvel's Spider-Man does indeed have some pre-order bonuses. Participating retailers will provide you with early access to three alternative Spidey suits, extra skill points, the Spider Drone gadget, and a PS4 theme and avatar. The three suits are the Spider-Punk costume, the Iron Spider from Avengers: Infinity War, and the all-new Velocity Suit.

Do you have to pre-order Spider-Man PS4 to get the suits?

No. The Spider-Punk, Iron Spider, and Velocity Suit costumes will be obtainable whether you pre-order Marvel's Spider-Man or not. Those who do pre-order will simply have access to these suits early.

Is there a Spider-Man PS4 collector's edition?

There are a few alternate versions of Marvel's Spider-Man you can purchase. The Digital Deluxe edition comes with the aforementioned pre-order bonuses, plus access to future downloadable content and a physical pin badge. The Special edition includes the pre-order bonuses, a steelbook, a Spider-Man sticker, and an artbook. Finally, the Collector's edition, pictured below, contains the same extra content as the Special edition, along with a Spider-Man statue.

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When will Spider-Man PS4's pre-load begin?

If you pre-order Marvel's Spider-Man digitally, you'll be able to download the game ahead of time to ensure you're able to start playing the moment it unlocks on launch day. Usually, pre-loads become available a couple of days prior to release, so expect to be able to download Spider-Man around 5th September 2018.

Do you need to play previous Spider-Man games to understand the story?

No. Insomniac's Spider-Man is a totally new take on the character and the universe he inhabits, and has nothing to do with any past versions or stories. Of course, in broad strokes, this game will bear some resemblance to previous titles, but the story is brand new, so prior knowledge of Spider-Man isn't necessary to enjoy this game.

What villains will Spider-Man be up against in this game?

Kingpin and Mr Negative were the first villains shown for Insomniac's game, but we know that there will be several more than just these two. From what has been released thus far, we also know of Shocker, Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, and Vulture. It's possible that Spider-Man will face a Sinister Six style scenario. Taskmaster will also crop up in one of the game's side activities, in which you have to defuse a number of bombs. It's also worth mentioning that Norman Osborn is running for mayor in this game, but whether his alter ego, Green Goblin, makes an appearance is unclear. What we do know is that he's not a fan of Spider-Man, and goes as far as hiring Silver Sable to take him down.

What suits will Spider-Man be able to wear?

The game's standard suit, which you'll have seen in almost all the available screenshots and footage of Marvel's Spider-Man, bears a bold, white spider design on the character's chest and back. Insomniac has said that there's a narrative reason behind the suit's look. However, if you're not a fan, there will be numerous unlockable costumes. You begin the game wearing Spidey's classic suit, but unlockable costumes we know about include Noir, Spider-Punk, Iron Spider (as seen in Avengers: Infinity War), Homemade, and the Velocity Suit.

Will webs attach to buildings in Spider-Man PS4?

Yes. Insomniac has made it clear that the webs will attach to buildings. You won't be performing any impossible sky-swinging in this Spider-Man game.

Does Spider-Man PS4 have a photo mode?

Insomniac has confirmed that a photo mode will be included in Marvel's Spider-Man. It features the usual suite of image altering options, such as depth of field, tilt and zoom, etc. but you're also able to enter Selfie mode to allow Spidey to take some cool selfie shots. You can also customise your shots with a wide variety of filters and frames, including one that makes your picture look like a comic book cover, and you can decorate your creations with a bunch of fun stickers.

Is there a day one patch for Spider-Man PS4?

Yes. We know that the aforementioned photo mode will be included in the day one update, but other details are unknown.

Will Spider-Man PS4 have any DLC?

Insomniac has confirmed that it has a series of three DLC chapters planned, which will collectively be known as The City That Never Sleeps. Each chapter is set to include new missions, characters, villains, and costumes. The first is called The Heist, releasing on 23rd October. The second is called Turf Wars and will release in November. The third is called Silver Lining, and will launch in December.

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Will Spider-Man PS4 have microtransactions?

No. Insomniac has assured that the game will not feature in-game purchases.

Do you need a PS4 Pro to play Spider-Man PS4?

As is the case with any PS4 game, you don't need the premium hardware to play Marvel's Spider-Man. You can play the game on either the standard PS4 or the PS4 Pro, and if you're playing on the latter, you'll be able to enjoy a higher resolution and other enhancements. Both consoles will run the game at 30 frames per second.

Is there a Spider-Man PS4 console bundle?

Yes. A limited edition Marvel's Spider-Man 1TB PS4 Pro bundle is available to order, and will release alongside the game on 7th September. It's a bold red colour and features the white spider emblem from Spider-Man's advanced suit from the game. Also included is a matching red and white DualShock 4, a copy of the game, and a voucher code for the game's DLC series, The City That Never Sleeps.

In Europe, you'll also be able to pick up a PS4 Slim bearing the same red and white design, plus a few other options, depending on your country. Click here to learn more about Spider-Man PS4 bundles in Europe.

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