God of War PS4 PlayStation 4

Whenever we see industry types congratulating each other on their successful projects, it's hard not to crack a smile. Bryan Intihar, the creative director of Marvel's Spider-Man, expressed his relief and gratitude in light of the positive response to Insomniac's latest game, and Shuhei Yoshida jokingly asked if he recorded himself reading the reviews, as God of War's director Cory Barlog did.

This amusing conversation veered into some interesting territory, however, when Barlog himself joined in.

Let's get this straight: the director of God of War wants to film himself, Intihar, and the leads from Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Guerrilla, and Sony Bend as they talk about their games and try to cook a meal. It'll probably never happen and it's a silly idea, but... We would definitely like to see this. Imagine the anecdotes and behind the scenes stories, not to mention the potential hilarity in attempting to cook at the same time.

Barlog also suggests that the meal is chosen at random by the Internet. What would you like to see the Worldwide Studios directors cooking up? Would you be interested in a collaborative video such as this? Get those suggestions coming in the comments below.

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