PixelJunk Monsters 2 Update PS4 PlayStation 4

PixelJunk Monsters 2 released to little fanfare earlier in the year, and although isn't without a few issues, still retains the satisfying, deceptively deep strategy that fans know and love. One of the major changes to the sequel is a much closer camera that follows your character across the map, which can make keeping an eye on all your towers much harder than it should be.

Today on Twitter, developer Q-Games has teased that a big update will be released tomorrow. Details of what exactly will be included aren't yet known, but the studio seems to be pretty excited.

It's saying that the update will "change the way you think about Monsters 2 forever", which is a pretty bold statement. It seems as though the patch will address some of the problematic design choices, such as the close camera, the limit on how far apart co-op players can be, and more. These are things that have been fixed on the PC release, as well as new modes like Weekly Challenge and Random Stage modes, so hopefully this all will translate to the PS4 version in tomorrow's update.

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