Call of Cthulhu! The Sinking City! It’s gone Lovecraft crazy on the PlayStation 4 of late, and here’s another title to toss into the cosmic broth: World of Horror. Now don’t judge a book by its Eldritch cover: this does indeed look like it’s been built for the BBC Micro, but it promises a “retro” role-playing experience starting 2019.

“The Old Gods are reawakening, clawing their way back into a world that’s spiralling into a mysterious madness,” the press release reads. “In a small, seaside town of Japan, the population’s sanity is dwindling and otherworldly, grotesque creatures terrorise those who call the place home. It’s the end of the world and the only solution is to confront the terror reigning over the apocalypse.”

The game will feature a branching story with five playable characters, and will do away with classic jump scares, instead focusing on a “gnawing sense of dread”. Developer Panstasz’s founder Pawel Kozminski said: “I set out to create something that illustrates just how vulnerable one’s sanity can be.”