Chimparty PlayLink PS4 PlayStation 4

Earlier in the week, Sony locked down a release date for Knowledge Is Power: Decades, the sequel to the quiz show party game on its PlayLink platform. Now, we have a confirmed date for fellow PlayLink game, Chimparty, and it's out on the same day. You'll be able to play both titles on 14th November.

In case you're unaware, Chimparty is a multiplayer title comprised of dozens of minigames. Players use their smartphones as controllers, and with only one button to press for each game, the barrier to entry is very low.

"It is a party game for up to four players with a whole lot of mini-games, all controlled with only one on-screen button on your phone," Says Lau Korsgaard, Chief Creative Officer on the game. "There are a total of 90 different levels to play and the whole family can pick up a phone and join the fun – it is super simple, but can really get competitive."

It also features several modes, from a board game style setup to a custom game mode where you can pick and choose which minigames you play. It's not going to blow anyone's socks off, but it should make for an entertaining evening with friends and family.