Of all of Ubisoft's upcoming games for 2018, Transference is probably the one we know the least about. The publisher's first real push into virtual reality experiences looks to be a psychological thriller, and it's being produced by Spectrevision, which was co-founded by Elijah Wood. Aside from some brief trailers, little more is known about this mysterious project, but we now know when we can get our hands on it -- the game releases on 18th September 2018 for PS4 and PlayStation VR.

The above trailer also teases a playable demo, which is available right now on the European PlayStation Store, and should appear soon for North America. Apparently, it serves as a prelude to the events of the main game, so it sounds like it'll be worth playing if you're interested in picking this up. It looks like a really interesting game, and we're definitely intrigued to learn more soon.

Are you looking forward to Transference? Will you be playing with or without PSVR? Glitch out in the comments below.

[source store.playstation.com, via youtube.com]