The Quiet Man was one of those announcements that got a little lost under the ruckus of E3 announcements a few months ago, but the PlayStation Blog is here to serve our needs with a new trailer, with you can watch above, and more details in general.

Most importantly, the game has already been priced, coming in at $14.99. Kensei Fujinaga, producer at Square Enix, said that it's something the company has never done before. "It’s a three-hour immersive cinematic live-action / third-person brawler gameplay experience with seamless transitions from the live action to gameplay," he explained.

The title appears to be attempting to blending together traditional FMV gameplay with more hands-on combat, which you can get a taste of with even more footage below.

Are you looking forward to The Quiet Man? Has the cheaper price point peaked your interest? Make a noise in the comments below.