Well, we never saw that coming. After hinting that nothing too huge would be shown at EVO 2018 for Tekken 7, director Katsuhiro Harada took to the main stage following the game's tournament and revealed... A lot of stuff.

First off, Tekken 7 is getting a second season pass. This will include six new characters, including returning fighters Anna Williams and the much requested Lei Wulong. Both have brand new designs and look pretty darn cool.

The weirdest news here, though, is that Negan, from The Walking Dead, will also be joining the roster. Yeah, we can't believe that's quite real either, but here we are. Weird.

If that wasn't enough, the season 2 trailer shows whole new Tekken 7 gameplay mechanics, including a kind of wall bounce that sends opponents back into the range of their attackers. New moves for existing characters also look like they're going to be added.

Tekken 7's season pass 2 is coming soon, but are you hyped? Practice your drunken fist in the comments section below.