Tekken 7 Lei

Lei Wulong and Anna Williams are returning to Tekken thanks to Tekken 7's second season pass. The two veteran fighters appear to play as you'd expect, utilising many of the same moves that they've had throughout the series, but as with just about every legacy character already in Tekken 7, the duo have been updated with slick new designs.

As you can see from the screenshots that we've embedded, both of them are looking super stylish. Anna looks like she's dressed for an especially fashionable funeral, with her garment contrasting sister Nina's tattered wedding gown.

Lei, meanwhile, has had his face overhauled as well as his wardrobe. He's clearly still a police officer -- complete with heavy duty knee pads this time around -- but his casual jacket gives him that unmistakable undercover cop vibe.

How are you liking Lei and Anna in Tekken 7? Which other characters would you like to see return? Start calling dibs in the comments section below.