Strange Brigade PS4 PlayStation 4

Strange Brigade, Rebellion's schlocky 1930s co-op shooter, releases on PS4 in just a few weeks, and it's looking pretty strong. However, we've only seen its main campaign mode so far. Over on the PlayStation Blog, the game's lead designer Steve Bristow has finally opened up about what else this curious game has to offer, and he's detailed two alternative modes that'll be included at launch.

Firstly, there's score attack, which takes a portion of a level from the campaign, fills it with enemies to kill, and tasks you with doing so quickly and skillfully. Other mini objectives, like getting X number of headshots, provide a little extra challenge for those who want to top the leaderboards.

Secondly, there's horde mode, which seems like a great fit here. It seems fairly standard, throwing stronger and stronger enemies at you until you perish, and you'll be able to spend gold on powerful temporary weapons, or save up for more tactical choices. Both of these new modes will be playable alone or in a group of up to four.

You can head on over to the PlayStation Blog for a more detailed breakdown. Do you like the sound of Strange Brigade's new modes? Will you be playing when it releases on the 28th August? Fend off the horde in the comments below.