Does anyone else feel like they need a degree to understand games these days? FIFA Ultimate Team has become borderline impenetrable with its set collecting systems, and now Rocket League – one of the simplest games on the planet – is adding a Fortnite-esque Rocket Pass model to its gameplay progression.

Okay, so Rocket Pass 1 will run from 5th September until 26th November. Playing the game online will see you level up, which will unlock items. There’ll be 29 rewards which will be totally free of charge, but to grab the remaining 70 prizes you’ll need to pay for the Premium tier. The goods will include car skins, toppers, XP boosters, and so on – you can find the full list through here.

Psyonix estimates that it will take you around 100 hours to unlock everything, so this has clearly been designed with player retention in mind. And obviously it can be totally ignored if you want to – the core “soccar” remains unchanged. It's not the end of the world, then, but we do miss the days when games didn’t have about a billion different currencies and crates and keys and other crap in them.