Ps4 Sales Japan

Taking the latest Japanese sales charts into account, the PlayStation 4 has passed 7 million units sold in Japan. Sony's current-gen console launched on the 22nd February, 2014 in the Land of the Rising Sun, so it's been available for around four and a half years at this point.

It's no secret that home console sales aren't nearly as healthy as they once were in Japan, but it's still a decent figure for Sony. For comparison's sake, the PlayStation 3 sold around 10.5 million units in Japan in its lifetime, so assuming that the PS4 sticks around for at least another couple of years, it's reasonably safe to assume that it'll end up in the same ballpark. We'd be surprised if it surpassed its predecessor, though.

Of course, as the years tick on, it seems as though the Japanese market is becoming less and less relevant to Sony. PlayStation is very much a Western-focused brand right now, and that's primarily due to the PS4's huge success in North America and Europe. It'll certainly be interesting to see how the company approaches Japan with the inevitable PS5.