The search functionality on the PlayStation Store is terrible, and it has been since the PlayStation 4 launched almost five years ago. Now, we're not saying it's unusable, but it's a system that's baffled us ever since it was introduced. Instead of having a simple on-screen keyboard, the current user interface presents you with lists of letters that you select one by one until the thing that you're looking for pops up on the right hand side of the screen. It's needlessly slow and, frankly, stupid.

Thankfully, it looks like PlayStation 4 firmware update 6.0, which is currently in beta testing, will finally let you search for things with an on-screen keyboard. Kyoufu over on ResetEra has posted screenshots to prove it. The search results screen actually gives you information about each product, too.

Are you over the moon to see this change implemented? Hit up the PlayStation Store and say goodbye to that crap in the comments section below.