You've all seen the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay by now, right? Well we've embedded it above just in case you haven't, so get it watched and then you can join in on this super fun Friday poll.

Clocking in at 48 minutes, there's a lot to the big gameplay reveal, but now that it's been available for several days, we want to know what you make of it. Has it left an impression? Has it lived up to expectations? Is it as hype as the games media made it out to be after its behind closed doors showing at E3? Love it or hate it, we need to know.

So, as always, vote in our poll below, and then feed us some in-depth thoughts in the comments section below.

What did you think of the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay? (189 votes)

  1. Absolutely amazing37%
  2. Really good, but not mind-blowing29%
  3. Solid, about as good as I expected13%
  4. Meh, it was okay10%
  5. Disappointing, I expected more4%
  6. Poor, I didn't think much of it1%
  7. Crap, I thought it was rubbish2%
  8. I'm just not interested in Cyberpunk 20775%

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What platform(s) do you think Cyberpunk 2077 will launch on? (180 votes)

  1. It's a PS5 title for sure5%
  2. It'll be a PS4 game13%
  3. It'll be PS4 and PS5, a cross-gen release52%
  4. It'll release on PS4, but it'll be re-released on PS5 later30%

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