Avalanche Studios has its work cut out right now. Just Cause 4 is out in December, and it's also working alongside id Software on RAGE 2. Oh, and don't forget about Generation Zero, the free roam, co-op, 80s, sci-fi shooter. This was announced during E3 2018 to a lukewarm reception, and it's flown under the radar ever since.

This new trailer talks us through the game's core gameplay. Either playing alone or in co-op, you must explore an open world Sweden to find out what has happened to a population that has disappeared, as well as survive the hostile attacks from a mysterious robot force. The persistent baddies roam the environment until you destroy them, so there's a constant threat meaning you'll have to use everything available to you to get an edge. It sounds like scavenging for supplies and upgrading your equipment will be a big part of the loop, while the mystery behind the story will keep you playing.

The jury is still out on this one, but there's plenty of time until the game's 2019 release for it to convince people. What do you make of Generation Zero? Welcome your new robot overlords in the comments below.

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