Drink serving simulators are all the rage in the aftermath of VA11 HALL-A, but Necrobarista will be swapping sci-fi saloons for a supernatural coffee shop – the true definition of hipster. While sipping your latte, you’ll be joined by all manner of the living dead, as this magical Melbourne-based establishment serves as the final stopping point for the deceased before they enter the afterlife.

“Told through a series of vignettes from the perspectives of several patrons, Necrobarista’s story centres on Maddy, the café’s manager and resident necromancer,” the press release explains. “While she does her best to keep the shop running smoothly, ferrying souls to the afterlife can have its complications.”

The game is being billed as a visual novel, so you should expect lots of dialogue, in addition to some light point-and-click exploration. “Featuring a dynamic camera, the game pans from one angle to another with animation that brings its vivid world to life and distinguishing the experience from other titles in the genre,” the blurb continues.

We’re fans of the premise, and it’s cool to see a visual novel presented from a 3D perspective like this, but we have to say we’re not overly keen on the art style based on what we’ve seen in the trailer. Nevertheless, if the writing is strong then we’re sure it will keep us entertained – and leave us longing for a Starbucks or three.