Not only does that new dragoon-style armour set look superb in Monster Hunter: World, it's also incredibly useful, boasting a bunch of different skills that can complement a huge number of character builds. As the ever-dependable Arekkz explains in the above video, this is a set that everyone will want to get their hands on.

The armour itself is obtained by completing the game's latest event quest, which is a crossover event featuring the Behemoth of Final Fantasy fame. It's a tough fight with its own unique mechanics, but emerge victorious and you'll be able to piece this set together.

Having said all that, the 'Drachen' armour set is geared towards Insect Glaive users more than anyone else, although the included skills are definitely still worth considering regardless of the weapon that you use. It's got level 6 critical eye, which is pretty darn nice, level 3 attack boost, and level 3 critical boost. Already, it's looking like a good set for offensive builds.

On top of that, two skills play directly into the Insect Glaive's style, with elemental airborne and airborne beefing your jumping attacks. The set bonus, meanwhile, is master's touch, which prevents your weapon from losing sharpness if you're landing critical hits. Again, really good stuff for offensive players. Oh, and the decoration slots are generous, too.

And then you've got the Behemoth weapon, the Gae Bolg. The unique Insect Glaive has a further 20% affinity, again stacking with all of that critical hit goodness, 300 dragon element, and high elderseal. All in all, a really effective (and cool looking) armament.

So there you have it. Think you'll be going after this equipment? Gather your party and take down the Behemoth in the comments section below.