We rather liked Bloober Team's trippy horror game Layers of Fear, but we were less taken with its cyberpunk follow-up, Observer. At the very least, the developer comes up with some interesting settings and narratives for its creepy titles, and its next game looks to continue that trend.

Project Méliès is a working title for the studio's latest, and as you can see from the two teasers, it appears to adopt an old fashioned film vibe. Particularly in the below video, the presentation gives it the appearance of a black and white silent movie. We're unsure whether the whole game will look like this, but it's an eerie clip regardless.

Méliès is also the surname of a French film director and illusionist who began his career in the late 19th century, so it's entirely possible this game ties into his work, or at least has been inspired by it. Whatever the case, we're definitely intrigued -- hopefully we'll learn more soon.

What do you think of Project Méliès? Keep the camera rolling in the comments below.

[source resetera.com]