Knowledge Is Power: Decades

You may remember Knowledge Is Power: Decades was announced around E3, the sequel to the likeable PlayLink party game, Knowledge Is Power. Well, Sony has just revealed when we can expect it to arrive. Decades will be launching on 14th November 2018, nicely placed ahead of the holiday season.

Unlike the first game's general knowledge questions, Decades unsurprisingly splits its categories by, well, decades. You'll be finding the answers to all sorts of pop culture queries spanning from the 1980s to the 2010s. It also looks like there will be a host of new power plays to take advantage of, as well as new characters to play with.

It ought to be a good time with friends and family, and the decades angle should mean players of all ages can get involved. Will you be playing Knowledge Is Power: Decades in November? Fingers on buzzers in the comments below.