Just Deal With It! PS4 PlayStation 4 PlayLink

Last week, Sony revealed that two of its previously announced PlayLink titles would be launching on PS4 on 14th November 2018. Both Chimparty and Knowledge Is Power: Decades are to hit the console on the same day, giving you plenty of party game experiences to toy with. However, they're not the only PlayLink games launching on the 14th -- Just Deal With It will also be coming to PS4 on this date, Sony has confirmed. 

As a reminder, Just Deal With It is a party title focused on classic card games. Up to ten people can play locally or online in games like poker, rummy, and blackjack. Of course, there are some twists to be found -- power-ups let you sabotage each other, and you can also play in teams, which will naturally add an extra layer of potential chaos.

There's more information over on the PlayStation Blog. Will you be playing cards with your smartphones with Just Deal With It? Show your hand in the comments below.

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