Dead or Alive 6 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Oh, it’s like that, is it? Team Ninja’s been talking about how Dead or Alive 6 is going to be a more mature take on the series, but here’s Hitomi and Leifang being, shall we say, tickled by a giant tentacle. Both characters were confirmed earlier in the month, but this is our first look at the fighters, via a Gamescom 2018 leak by French website Playscope.

Dead or Alive 6 PS4 PlayStation 4 2

The octopus, by the way, is a Danger Zone in a new abandoned ship level; it’s basically an interactive element that when triggered will do additional damage. The game’s due out early next year, and we’re sure we’ll get a trailer of these two in action when the Cologne convention officially gets underway next week.

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