Guns of Icarus couldn't be much more different from Muse Games' latest project. Hamsterdam is a cutesy, colourful brawler heading to Sony's maligned handheld, PS Vita. It stars hamster hero Pimm as he goes on an adventure to save his grandpa from the evil chinchilla, Marlo.

Judging by the announcement trailer above, it looks as though there's a rhythm to the combat, with some touch controls mixed in with more regular button mashing. Derek Chow from Muse Games went over the game's inspirations in a press release.

“To craft the vision of Hamsterdam, the team at Muse Games are continually inspired by 80’s kung-fu movies, the ground-breaking perspectives of The Wire, the satirical depiction of Amsterdam in the famed Pulp Fiction scene, and the beautiful visuals and humour of Ratatouille,” Said Chow. “As you can probably guess we’re having a lot of fun with Hamsterdam, and are looking forward to getting it out into the world for players to enjoy too!”

We doubt it'll rekindle any lost love for the Vita, but it's always nice to hear about new titles heading to the platform. Hamsterdam's Kickstarter campaign kicks off today if you feel so inclined.

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