Shenmue How to Find the Flashback in the Dojo Guide 1

Your main goal in Shenmue is to avenge the death of your father, and so in the early exchanges the game goes to great lengths to depict Ryo Hazuki’s relationship with Iwao. Much of this is achieved via flashback scenes, and in this guide we’re going to show you how to find the flashback in the dojo, which will unlock the ‘Treasure Your Friends’ Trophy.

How to Find the Flashback in the Dojo in Shenmue

To find the dojo flashback and unlock the ‘Treasure Your Friends’ Trophy, you’ll first need to trigger a cut-scene with Fuku-san in the dojo at the very beginning of the game. Once it’s ended, head back into the dojo and pull the L2 trigger to zoom in on a piece of parchment on the left wall. A sepia cut-scene will play, and once it’s concluded, you’ll be awarded the ‘Treasure Your Friends’ Trophy.