Yet another game that's maybe not getting enough attention is A Plague Tale: Innocence from Focus Home Interactive. It's an adventure game set in a medieval, war struck France that's also fallen prey to disease thanks to a massive rat infestation. It's a pretty bleak premise, and this brand new gameplay footage reinforces that.

It's the best look at the game we've seen to date. You play as Amicia and, together with her brother Hugo, she must cross a battlefield littered with corpses and swarmed by the ravenous rats. Using sources of light that can be crafted from resources, you're able to repel the furry threat, but they're not the only enemies to deal with. We see Amicia extinguish the lantern of an English soldier who is then quickly devoured by the rats. It's pretty grim.

A Plague Tale looks a little janky at this stage, but the game seems to have some neat ideas. One to watch out for in 2019, we think.

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