Oh come on Bandai Namco, you were doing so well. Tira, once again wielding her giant ring of death, has been revealed as a returning character in SoulCalibur VI, but she won't technically be part of the title's starting roster. To unlock her, you either need to buy the game's season pass (which is yet to be fully detailed), or purchase her individually as a downloadable character. Hmmmm.

It's a bit of a dodgy move as far as we're concerned. We always liked Tira in the previous games, and to see her locked behind an additional paywall is a bit naff. We suppose it wouldn't be so bad if weren't still waiting on news about the rest of the main cast; the game's main roster hasn't even been fully revealed yet, but we're already getting told about DLC? Rubs us the wrong way.

What do you make of this? Watch where you're swinging that thing in the comments section below.